Many years ago, was fortunate enough to find an art school that still believed in teaching the basics of drawing, compostition, and value. I have used these skills as a solid foundation and expanded upon them creatively, allowing my own personal style to constantly evolve.

I vary my approach to each painting slightly, depending on my mood or the subject mater. I take much inspiration from the great representational artist of the past and present. I try to stay open to learning new ways of painting. I think this approach helps to keep my work fresh and free of "formulas".

Although I paint a variety of subjects, I find that direct observation of the subject matter is the best way to learn and grow as an artist and to communicate my feelng about the subject matter to the viewer. I am constantly striving to say a lot with just a few brushstrokes.

Painting has held my attention for many years mainly because it is such a challenge. I always believe my next painting will be my best painting. I will continue to devote myself to improving as an artist. 

I would like my paintings to show that there is beauty all around us - in the play of the light and shadow, in spots of color, or in everyday subjects that we might normally overlook. As an artist, my job is to edit and expand upon the worlld as I see it, giving back what is my own unique perspective. I paint with a passion for life that I hope will be translated to the viewer.

Coni Belleau Adams

Coni began her career in New York City, where for years she was a Fashion Illustrator. A native of New york, she graduated from the Traphagen School of Fashion Design & Illustration. Adams also attended Parsons School of Design, The School of Visual Arts and the Art Students League in New York City.
Greatest influences in her work, having studied with Robert Blackman,NA., Sidney Dickinson,NA., Daniel Greene,NA, in New York and Robert Bruce Williams in Washington,D.C. 

Coni's style leans toward Impressionism with a realistic approach to the face, hands and feet. Using a palette, which is light in hue, Coni endeavors to create a painting, which is totally unique with every commission.

Adams has previously served on the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Portrait Society in New York City. Also for 7 years Adams served on the Advisory Board of the American Society of Portrait Artists, 3 years of which she was Co-Chairman. Also spending 3 years as a member of the Board Of Directors of the American Society Of Portrait Artist Foundation. She spent years as Juror of Awards at the Salmagundi Club (NYC) member exhibitions. And was Coast Guard Artist (COGAP) with paintings on permanent exhibition in United States government buildings around the country.

Glaser frames
 Michael Bartlett is a Western Impressionist painter, born 1947, Boise, Idaho. He attended Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana – 1976 BAA   San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, California -1987 MFA

 Grew up in Montana, the grandson of ranching homesteaders. Influenced by western artists, Charles M. Russell and Fredrick Remington. 

 He lived and practiced fine and commercial art for 30 years in the San Francisco and Northern California area. An Affiliate Artist, Marin Headlands Center for the Arts 1987-89.

 He served in the USAF. Worked as graphic and technical illustrator for the aircraft industry, computer graphics illustration, image development, animation, website development, photo and video production. Also worked as a master craftsman in Sonoma for 12 years.

 Currently paints full time, living with his wife Paulette in Sonoma, California.
Jim Borger 

My current work has ventured away from strictly landscape painting into a plane somewhere between landscape and still life. For lack of a better term I refer to these works as "Stillscapes." Attempting to create still lifes that are a natural extension of the landscape, I have stripped down the foreground components to represent simplified, utilitarian groupings that find symbolism in the agrarian culture. 
Allan Chow 
Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Allan Chow resides in Kansas City, Missouri, where he received his BFA in Illustration from the Kansas City Art Institute. While apprenticed to an illustrator/painter, Allan learned new painting techniques, but more importantly, became inspired to pursue a career as a fine artist. Allan’s earliest work features cityscapes and landscapes from his native country. 

Allan paints with a palette knife, applying thick impasto in brilliant colors found only in dreams. His emotions and passions pour through his spontaneous yet controlled brushstrokes, creating a three-dimensional experience for his audiences. During his exhibitions, viewers find it difficult to resist the temptation to touch his paintings. Allan has established a national following with his sophisticated style and obvious passion for painting. 

Represented by the Leopold Gallery in Kansas City, Missouri, and Strecker Nelson Gallery in Manhattan, Kansas, Allan is a highly regarded painter of abstracted landscapes of the Kansas City skyline, the Flint Hills and San Francisco – all inspiring subjects. Allan’s eye-catching red stamp graces each of his paintings, setting them apart from other works on gallery walls.

Allan’s original paintings and prints belong to prestigious Kansas City-area collections such as H&R Block; the Kansas City Royals; BKD; Lewis, Rice and Fingersh Law Firm; the Overland Park Convention Center; the University of Kansas Medical Center; University of Missouri-Kansas City; Russell Stover Candies; and the Kauffman Foundation. His work hangs in private collections in Kansas City, Seattle, California, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Allan has received awards from the Societies of Illustrators of Los Angeles, New York and Korea, and he has been featured in the Kansas City Star, The Artist’s Magazine, Living the Artist’s Life by Paul Dorrell and Visitation Church: A Century of Faith. 

When Allan isn'€™t painting, he teaches, competes, performs and participates in social salsa dancing events locally and nationally. 
Robin Cheers

Grounded in impressionistic tradition, with a contemporary style all her own, Robin Cheers' paintings document scenes familiar to all of us. Her settings include relaxed interiors, bustling cafes or sunny beaches, but the primary focus is on the human element.

Robin is a avid sketcher and skilled at depicting the figure. She brings gestural drawing element into her paintings. Her style is immediate, expressive and painterly with a strong emphasis on composition

Robin's paintings are found in many private and corporate collections and collected internationally. 

Pat Carney 

The defining characteristic of Pat Carney's paintings is to make beauty visible. Her subject matter ranges from intimate flowers to panoramic landscapes. Many of these images are drawn from on-location studies and references made during travel throughout the western states and beyond. It is her depiction of light and color relationships, however, that attracts viewers to her work. Each work of art is a close study of the colors and appropiate light key of the subject, creating a sense of place and/or form. She captures the dramatic or sometimes subltle effect of light on form, whether painting prairie overlooks or snowy mountain ranges. Her skiful use of color and energetic brushwork make her paintings seem effortless.
Christin Coy 

​For the past twenty-five years Christin’s artwork has reflected her appreciation for nature through her landscape painting, both in plein air and in her larger studio works. Christin paints in the style of classical realism and her paintings of Northern California's hills and coastal regions reflect her strong connection with the land, bringing to life the unique mood and beauty of each setting. She is especially attracted to the warm colors and elongated shadows that appear in the late afternoon. 

Christin participates in annual art exhibits such as “Ranches and Rolling Hills” raising funds to protect farmland for Marin Agricultural Trust, as well as other organizations raising awareness for the protection and conservation of land. She is a founding member of the BayWood Artists (est. 1998), a small group of professional artists that help raise funds for the protection and conservation of land and water through the sale of paintings. Christin’s paintings have been collected throughout the United States and in Europe.

Gallery representation: Christian Daniels Gallery, San Francisco; Lee Youngman Galleries, Calistoga; Holton Studio, Emeryville, CA; Viewpoints Gallery, Pt.Reyes Station. She is an artist member of the California Art Club and a collection of her paintings have been published in the book Ranches and Rolling Hills: Art of West Marin-A Land in Trust
Michelle Chrisman

I love the visual beauty of New Mexico and the West, the desert and variety of three cultures. I consider myself a contemporary colorist and modernist, but most of all, a visual poet. I am drawn to paint endangered places such as wilderness, historic buildings and fading cultures, in the hope of drawing public awreness by preserving them on canvas. I plan to start traveling across the country to paint the figure in the enviornment.My landscapes are painted "en plein air". My visual music is written with the principals of impressionism, but I am a bit of an expressionist, as painting what I feel about my subject is important, and love for the paint to express itself in impasto movement.
Cameron Davidson

Cameron Davidson is a contemporary realist painter and sees his art as a way of capturing what he finds beautiful in the world. A way to communicate his love for people, places, and thngs. His paintings relect this as he enjoys a variety of subject matters including Figurative, Landscape and Still Life. In 1995 Cameron recieved his Bachelor's Degree of Fine Art in Illustration and Design, form Brigham Young University and interned in New York with Burton Silverman and Max Ginsberg. He resides in Saratoga Springs, Utah with his wife and four children. 
Michele de Braganca 

Michele was born and raised in a small East Coast town about an hour'€™s drive from New YorkCity. Her mother introduced her to the arts when she was young, taking her regularly to museums,galleries, and the theatres. Moved by what she experienced, Michele started to draw and paint at a young age.
A trip to Florence, Italy for a printmaking intensive in 1986 completely changed the direction of Michele's art. She fell in love with the landscape and people of Italy, and began a new adventure in plein air painting using chalk pastel. 

Back in America, she eventually shifted her focus to oils. She finds fresh subjects by hiking into her favorite mountain ranges in the High Sierra, Central Mexico, and Peru. Michele has studied plein air painting with Kevin Macpherson, Jean LeGassick, Jeanette LeGrue, and Randall Sexton. Her work has been exhibited in galleries on both East and West coasts, and exists in private collections throughout North America. 

Michele received her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees from the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, California. She is a member of the California Art Club and Oil Painters of America.

Kathleen Elsey 

Infused with vibrant colors, the paintings of Santa Barbara Fauvist, Kathleen Elsey, explore interior spaces, figures, still life, breaches and landscapes. Working both plein air and in her studio, she paints with a vivified palette and brusque brushwork recalling both Fauvist and Imressionist traditions. She teaches "Brush with Life" painting workshops in Sonoma and Santa Barbara, California as well as Taos, New Mexico. In the past year, Esey's paintings have been on exhibition at the Albuquerque Museum in Mew Mexico and the Bakersfield Museum in California as well as the Salmagundi Art Club in New York City.

Summer of 2009 brings a solo exhibition of over fifty of Kathleen's paintings to Divine Inspiration Gallery in Santa Barbara, California. Her work is also represented by galleries in Carmel, California, Atlanta, Georgia and Hawi, Hawaii. she is a member of the New Fauves, a group of nine painters from the US and France. She is signature member of the National Association of Women Artists and the American Impressionist Society. 

Peggy Everett

Born in New York, raised in Atlanta. BA in psychology and criminology FSU.
Court appointed juvenile officer Atlanta. Ran and owned a working ranch in New Castle, Colorado. Live now on St. Simons Island in Georgia. 

Sold first painting at age 15 of a horse named Smokey. 

Studied portrait oil painting with Roman, Constatine, and Marc Chatov. New York Studio School under Graham Nickson and Joseph Santore. New York Art Students League- staff. Denver art students league with Quang Ho and Kim English. Florence academy of fine art, florence, italy. studied with Bob Kuhn, Russell Chatham, Scott Christensen, Clyde Aspevig, and others.

Five gallery affiliations; Teach plein air workshops; Artist in resident Roaring Fork Club and Woods Lake resort in Colorado

My paintings have raised over $100,000 for wildlife and conservation organizations. 

Currently involved in equine rescue on tidal islands, the humane society of south coastal georgia, and various charities for children. 20% of all commissions are donated to the charity of the clients choice.

I paint 5-6 days a week and like to ride, flyfish, golf, kayak and play dupilcate bridge.
Kate Faust 

Kate Faust is an award winning photographer and painter. She devotes her time to both painting and photography. Kate has exhibited work throughout the Tri-state area. She is currently a menber of the National Artist Women's Association, Southern Vermont Arts Association, the Ridgewood Art Institute and the Professional Women's Photography Association in Manhattan. Along with painting, photography has been the ideal tool to chronicle the world around me. I have had the freedom to travel the world with my camera as a guide. This "freedom" has opened my eyes to many diverse cultures. I love to photograph and paint people experiencing life's simple moments. Everyday scenes captivate my attention as do ordinary objects. I strive to capture those moments when an object or face is being illuminated by the sun - especilly at sunrise or sunset. My focus brings attention to that which is often overlooked. Painting and photography yield two diverse yet connected perspective that diserve equal consideration. Consideration, I endeavor to provide through my work.
Darrell Gardner 

My paintings continue to evolve over time. When I first started painting I was very tight with few brush strokes visable. I have changed, and am now, the opposite. I like thick paint and heavy brush strokes, lots of color, and I look for subjects with brilliant colors and contrasts. I prefer early morning and late evening light when painting the landscape. 

I use a limited pallet of Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow and Ultramarine Blue. On large paintings I add Cadmim Orange and Dioxazine Purple for the convenience. I first block in a section of Painting. Then, before any paint dries, I start adding layers and mixing the paint to some degree on the canvas itself. 

I have been influenced by Nicoali Fechin, Berger Sandzen, and Monet. I love Sergeant's figurative oil paintings and any time I can, I see them in person. I am influeced most today by Scot Burdick and Dan Gerharts, but I have also painted with many great local painters like Billyo O'Donnell, Dave and Shawn Cornell, Hennryk Ptasiewicz , and too many more to list here.

When I first started painting I took lessons and workshops from Nora Othic, Billyo O'Donnell, Doug Dawson, Camile Prezwodek, Lyn Pharris and Michelle Torrez. I have sutdied and painted with many others, but think of myself mostly as self taught. 

Timothy Horn

If you stood in front of the house where I grew up, you could throw a rock in three directions and hit corn. I was born and raised in a small town in Ohio, where the countryside was doninated by corn fields, pig frams and dairy operations.
There was plenty of beautiful open space as soon as you left the town limits, and it was all agricultural land -- oceans if corn punctuated with barns and farm houses, sprinkled with hogs and dairy cattle. This instilled in me a deep appreciation for farming, and I think explains why years later, I am drawn to scenes that include those elements. 

I fled small town Ohio to attend the Cooper Union School of Art in New York City. After graduation I attended Yale's summer progam in Brissago, Switzerland, then continued to travel around Europe for 5 months before returning to New York. I worked at several design firms in New York, living there for total of 11 years before moving to San Francisco in 1992. I now live in a small town of Fairfax California and as I travel to the back roads of the Bay Area, I'm in awe of the spectacular beauty and undisturbed quality of the landscape there. 

I occasionally paint on the ragged edge of urban areas, drawn to the gemetric elements and planes of light, but the everpresent abandoned vehicles, but I'm a ruralist at heart. 

John K. Harrell 

John, encouraged by his artist grandmother, began painting at an early age and now creates impressionistic visions of cityscapes and florals that have a vibrant quality much like his personality.
Karen Rohde Haley

Karen Rohde Haley continues to gain recognition with her swirling brushstrokes and vivid colors that capture the beauty of Colorado landscapes. She is represented by Framing Creations (Van Natter Gallery) in Greenwood Village, Colorado. She is an associate member of the Oil Painters of AmericaKaren Rohde Haley 

Karen Rohde Haley continues to gain recognition with her swirling brushstrokes and vivid colors that capture the beauty of Colorado landscapes. She is represented by Framing Creations (Van Natter Gallery) in Greenwood Village, Colorado. She is an associate member of the Oil Painters of America
Joan Hoffmann 

I adventure oil paint landscapes en plein air. I am integrally connected to the land by teaching, painting, and preserving the wild places tha I explore. My landscapes evoke a poetic sense of place. I follow in the footsteps of early painters of the American West.
" I have been a Portrait Painter for 30 years, during the last 15 years, I have purchased top quality custom frames from Glaser Frames. 
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 Their frames are museum quality, yet priced affordably.  And my association with Joann and Ken Glaser has given me so much more at the time of delivery, than I ever could have imagined. 
  Since most of my work is life size,the frames are shipped directly from Colorado to my clients with the stretcher bars and hardware included.  
 This allows me to leave with the painting hanging on the wall and the satisfaction of knowing that the people I deal with have to go no further to enjoy, the end result of my efforts to please them."

 Thank you Glaser Frames,
 Portrait Painter, Coni Belleau Adams 
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Cheri Christensen was born in Enumclaw, Washington, a small rural town of horse and cattle ranches and dairies at the foot of Mt. Rainier. She attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and graduated from the University of Washington.

Cheri studied oil painting intensely for three years with Ron Lukas, a protege of Sergei Bongart, who taught in the tradition of the Russian Impressionists. In her studies, Cheri concentrated on seeing and conveying the effects of color and light on forms.

The first painting she submitted to a competition was included in a prestigious exhibition at the Charles and Emma Frye Art Museum in Seattle, and the first painting to include animals received the Beatrice Jackson Memorial award for Best Traditional Landscape in the Allied Artists of America 1995 show. She has since gone on to be represented in and win awards in numerous regional, national, and international shows.

Cheri is a signature member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society and a member of the Oil Painters of America.

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Working in a style all her own, Patti's paintings reflect a strong sense of color and design. Painting outdoors, along our coastline, in a garden, or on her many travels, she captures and records an ordinary moment in time and the ever changing quality of light.

She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from U.S.C., with a major in design. Her work is in numerous private collections here and abroad. She is a member of California Art Club, Oil Painters of America, Laguna Plein Air Painters Association and Southern California Plein Air Painters Association. She is currently showing at Laguna North Gallery, Debra Huse Gallery, and Edward Montgomery Fine Art in Carmel.

Terry Guyer is a member of the Portrait Society of America, Oil Painters of America, the California Art Club and the Society of Local Artists. He received his BFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design which included a year at Brighton Polytechnic Art Facility in Sussex England. Terry continued his postgraduate training in the San Francisco Bay area at the Pacific Art League and the Academy of Art.

His luminous landscapes and vivid portraits are created in layers of alternating translucent and opaque oil color on linen, capturing the unique atmosphere of the living moment. 

Terry Guyer is an award-winning painter with artwork in many corporate and private collections. His 20-plus years of supporting his family as an independent commercial artist and designer for Fortune 500 companies has made his artwork familiar to a worldwide audience.

"Girl with a Pearl Earring"
A  master copy
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 Cherry Creek in Winter  
18 x 24 Pastel
Lorenzo Chavez was born in New Mexico and now resides in Colorado with his family. He graduated with honors from the Colorado Institute of Art in 1983. He participates in many prestigious national invitational group exhibitions including the Pastel Society of America in New York, Artists of America Show in Denver, the Coors Western Art Show, Northwest Rendezvous group, Pasadena Art Museum, Albuquerque Art Museum, Bradford Brinton Museum, Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, Colorado Springs Fine Art Museum, Nicolaysen Art Museum, Loveland Museum, and the Gene Autry Museum in Los Angeles.

Recently, Lorenzo has participated as a guest artist with the Plein Air Painters of America, the Laguna Plein Air exhibition at the Laguna Art Museum, and in the "American Art in Miniature" exhibition at the Gilcrease Museum.

Lorenzo was honored with a successful one-man show at the C. M. Russell Museum. He is a distinguished workshop instructor of pastel landscapes. Lorenzo's work is represented in five galleries in the United States and is included in many private and corporate collections both nationally and internationally. He is a distinguished workshop instructor of pastel landscapes. Lorenzo's work is represented in five galleries in the United States and is included in many private and corporate collections both nationally and internationally.
Bill Cooke a gifted illustrator, primarily in pen and ink since 1970, was recognized for his artistic talents and winning art competitions since he was in his teens. In 1973, he met studied with with National Acadamician Donald Teague. Don sponsored Bill to go to the Illustrators Workshop in Paris, France to study under the greatest living illustrators of the time, such as Bernie Fuchs, Mark English, Bob Peak, and others of note. In his twenties he produced a series of limited edition prints, which achieved critical acclaim and had several one man shows in Monterey California. He illustrated a children€™s book on Sea Otters. He turned his artistic endeavors to being an (award winning) art director in the early 70s, and continued to draw and teach drawing in Carmel, California. R.W. Cookes art has been shown in several galleries and one man exhibitions in Carmel, New York and San Francisco. His original art is in many fine collections (including the Ansel Adams permanent archives and in the collection of His Holiness The Dalai Llama). Bill taught college level graphic design and colour theory at The University of Monterey Bay until 1996. He was listed in Who's Who in America in the 1980's.

Bill moved permanently to Australia in 1998, and became an Australian citizen 2004, moving to Bowral in 2006. A member of the Bowral District Art Society since 2006, Bill has ben hung in all of the art shows for the last three years. Mr Cooke won a commendation for his large pen and ink of a 40 Norwegian double ended sailing boat Holy Cow along with the peoples choice award in the BDAS Copes show in 2006. In 2008 he won the portrait award at the Shoalhaven 49th annual art show, with over two hundred entries. He also won honors at the Telstra Bush Show in 2008. He won a finals honor in the Australian Artist magazine competition for landscapes also in 2008. His work has sold in local and regional shows such as the Royal Easter Show in Sydney. Two blue ribbons in the Robbo show 2012. Several sales and awards at Sydney Royal easter show. His seascape of the Lighthouse at Kiama won second place/best in seascape catagory in the National Mortimer Art Prize and is touring Australia in 2013 1nd 14.

 Paintings by Colorado artist, Sharon Holsapple, have been described as "mesmerizing and soothing," "upbeat," and "continuously interesting." While her paintings are objective or realistic, they are never just replicas of nature. Her paintings consistently evoke an emotional connection and response. They also have a formal abstraction in which composition, visual concepts, movement, and the connecting element of light play important roles. Sharon develops her motif and visual concepts before starting a painting but she also prizes the intuitive process that allows fluidity and involvement as the painting is developed.  

She is currently studying the work of artist Berthe Morisot. 

She has won Best of Show, Oct 2010, 15th Annual Artists of Colorado, Alpine Fine Art Center, Denver CO, Juror John Passaro. 2nd Place, Oil painting category, Oct 2010, 15th Annual Artists of Colorado, Alpine Fine Art Center, Denver, CO, Juror John Passaro. Best of Show, 2D category, July 2010, 27th Annual All Colorado Show, Curtis Arts & Humanities Center, Greenwood Village, CO, Juror Quang Ho.

Her art education combines a self-taught development of her inner voice and skills with years of art classes at the Art Students League of Denver, University of Colorado at Denver, etc. Her instructors have included master artists such as Quang Ho, Mark Daily, Kevin Wechbach, Jill Soukup and Mark Nelson.  

She earned a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Texas in San Antonio (1986) and Masters in Professional Counseling from the Colorado Christian University (1998). She is currently licensed as a Professional Counselor in the state of Colorado. 

Jean Cole, Denver, CO, graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in design and pursued a career in interior design before returning to her great love, watercolor, in the early 1980's. Her glazing technique and the brilliant use of color in florals and still lifes have led to numerous awards including Best of Show at the Rocky Mountain National and the Paul Schwartz Memorial Award from the AWS. She is also a member of the National Watercolor Society, the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Society and the Colorado Watercolor Society.

Through my paintings, I want to open the viewer’s eyes to the beauty that surrounds us in ordinary objects and small intimate places. Beautiful flowers, the bounty of produce, the sparkle of glass or even the cast offs at the back door catch my eye. I often choose to do close-ups in a larger than life scale to bring into focus the everyday things in life and cause the viewer to pause and reflect on their exceptional qualities.

As I paint, my emphasis is on the patterns created by light and shadow, color and line and the translucent quality of the watercolor medium. These comprise the abstract pieces that make up the representational whole of the painting. I use a rather controlled and detailed approach, working from my own photography. I employ the technique of layered washes and glazes because it enables me to achieve a depth and brilliance of color, which stimulates the eye, and best captures the intensity and luminosity of color.

ULRICH GLEITER was born in Saarbruecken, Germany, and studied at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts before moving to Russia to study first at the Suricov Institute of Arts in Moscow and then at the Repin Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg. In 2010 he received the Best of Show award and first place in the Quick Draw Portrait Competition at Plein Air Rockies 2010 in Estes Park, Colorado; the Award of Excellence in the Wyoming Plein Air in Cheyenne; and the Frank Bette First Prize in the 2010 Alameda Plein Air Paintout in Alameda, California.

 "The basic idea is aiming to capture what characterizes shadow and light, rather than striving to accurately represent every detail,€ Gleiter continues. This allows one to work quite independently from nature. It also facilitates getting along with a limited palette. When I was situated alongside American plein air painters, I noticed that many of them used a different approach. They preferred to squeeze out many more hues on their palettes than I did. Another difference is that I don'€™t clean my palette after I'€™ve finished a painting because I prefer to immediately start a new picture with the colors left on the palette from the previous effort. I see no problem going ahead with colors that might at first seem to be completely out of place, even if that forces me to do more mixing. For example, a sky that I first paint with a mixture of black, brown, and white can be made more lively with additional strokes of clean cerulean blue. In some ways the result will be even more vibrant than a sky painted with clean colors. €œ Go to Ulrich's web page for the complete article from Plein Air Magazine.

Drawing and painting have been a lifetime pursuit. As a child I was fascinated by my mothers art books. As a nine year old, I pored over “English Dreamers€, a book on Pre-Raphaelite works, as well as a guide to the National Gallery of London. I was especially drawn to paintings by Titian and John Everett Millais. By the time I was a teenager, I was teaching private and public watercolor classes to young people and adults and began selling paintings.
At twenty I began oil painting. I also began to paint from life and read all I could about old painting methods. As a young professional, I wanted more depth and gravity in my work and decided to seek formal studio education. When I was in my early thirties, my young family and I moved to Italy so that I could study in Florence. I completed the drawing program at The Angel Academy and attended lectures and short classes at the Florence Academy of Art and Charles Cecil€™s Studio.

Painting is as much of a sensual as an intellectual experience for me. From a young age, I was drawn to old paintings and the names and smells of the mediums, pigments and paints. I enjoy the challenge of capturing an interpretation of something poetic and sincere in my subjects. I am constantly pushed by the desire to paint €œbetter€ which is defined by my own instinct and taste. I am vitally aware of how much I need and depend on the earth and other people and painting forces me to live in the moment. Whether it be a still life, figure or landscape, I treat each like a portrait; searching for what makes it unique. I am happiest when those truest qualities of the subject are realized in a piece giving it a life of its own.
2014 First Place, West Michigan Regional Art Competition
Olga Karpeisky

Russian born artist Olga Karpeisky, is known mostly for her still life anf protrait oil paintings. Apart from the aesthetic pleasure and beauty of the subject her still life works are usually inspired by the movement of light through the volume of space bringing the feeling of old masters paintings. Harmony of her art works is achieved trhough rhythmic, dynamic and well balanced compositions created with pleasant color combinations. Paintings of Olga Karpeisky are now featured in private collections of USA, Canada and Russia.
Anita Mosher

Anita Mosher is an American impressionist trained in the Russian school of painting. Anita is an award winning artist noted for her brilliant use of color and exuberant strokes across the canvas. She has received awards from national juried shows and has exhibited her paintings nationwide in both solo and group exhibitions. Anita's work hangs in private and corporate collections across the United States and Europe. Anita is a founding signature member of the Plein Air Artists Colorado and Nomadas del Arte and a signature member of the Outdoor Painters Society and the National Oil & Acrylic 
Kit Hevron Mahoney
With over twenty five years experience as a fine artist, design professional and teacher, Kit paints full time at Brushstrokes Studio Gallery, LLP in Denver, Colorado. She graduated from the University of Colorado and the Colorado Institute of Art where she also taught graphic design and drawing for over 15 years. Since 1984 Kit has been showing in galleries nationwide in both solo and group exhibitions. Her work has received numerous awards and is found in both private and corporate collections including the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs and McGraw Hill Publishers in Dayton, Ohio. She is also in the private collection of actor Jack Nicholson.
Kit is passionate about traveling and painting stunning landscapes and florals that represent her interpretation of the many places she visits. 

"My paintings are a response to the passion and beauty I feel from and for Nature. As an artist I want to communicate visually and vibrantly the peace and serenity that I find in Nature, which I see as a visual and spiritual wonderland. I use my brush and palette knife to translate nature onto the canvas. I describe my dynamic compositions as a unique style of contemporary Impressionism with a bold use of color and texture."

Juan Martinez

Juan Carlos Mart­nez is an award-winning artist living in Toronto, Canada, whose work has been featured in various publications and exhibitions around the world. He was trained classical atelier and works in what is now considered the classical realist tradition. Juan studied in Toronto, Canada, and Florence, Italy, under the tutelage of master painter, M. John Angel. Prior to that period he had been, among other things, a lawyer, but gave up that life to pursue his vocation as a professional classical painter. Today, in addition to maintaining an award-winning portfolio and working on portrait commissions, Juan is usually busy writing and teaching. He has acquired an international reputation both as an artist and art educator. His work hangs in private and institutional collections in Canada and the United States, including commissions for the office of the President of Humber College, Toronto, the Crane School of Music, New York State, and the private collection of Fred and Sherry Ross. 

Juan is a chief instructor at Toronto's Academy of Realist Art (ARA) and is the author of a popular 6-part instructional series in International Artist Magazine, entitled €œThe Academy Way€. He also teaches workshops throughout the year. 

Elayne Moseley

"Finding creative meaning requires one to explore their passion. I want the viewer to experience the scene I have painted in such a way that they are touched in some sense; by the beauty of it, by the colors used, or perhaps a memory of theirs is triggered. I believe one's artwork must reflect that journey that the artist takes and express it in such a way that the viewer feels the artist's passion. 
A representational style is the foundation for my work. 

Recently I have begun to take my architectural paintings in a new direction as seen in the 'Architectural Lingua' series. While my previous body of work was influenced by Edward Hopper and other great 20th century painters, my latest paintings are larger and more experimental."

Mike Natale 

Mike Natale was born and raised in East Chicago, Indiana just a twenty minute train ride away from the Art Institute of Chicago. As a High school student with a great interest in art, Mike was able to take advantage of the Institute's display of Master's works, which solidified his dream of becoming an artist.

Following his school years Mike was sidetracked as were many other 18 year olds by the war in Southeast Asia. He served in the United States Marine Corp with a rifle company in Vietnam, saw heavy action and was wounded. While recovering in the Philadelphia Naval Hospital, Mike took advantage of it's close proximity to Philadelphia Art Institute. 

Upon returning to Chicago, Mike enrolled in the Ray Vogue Commercial Art program. After Attending the Illinois Institute of Technology School of Design, he worked as a graphic artist for several years. Mike then opened his own design studio from 1973-1983. In 1983 he sold his graphics business and moved to Colorado to pursue his primary interest in fine art. 

David Owen

David Owen of Bloomington, Indiana, who began painting five years ago, says, "Beginning to paint at age 68 has proved challenging and life-giving. The learning curve has been necessarily steep, but I an enjoying the climb." Owen paints landscapes, primarily, in both oil and pastel. He prefers to paint ordinary scenes, being attracted to the beauty of the commnplace. While he paints mostly in Indiana, over the past five years he has had an opportunity to paint or draw in Arizona, California, Florida, Main, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennesse, Wisconnsin and France. His favorit subjects are woods and wetlands. He is represented by Brown County Art Gallery in Nashville, IN and Gallery North on the Square in Bloomington,IN. 
Janet Powers

The Southern coast of Georgia allegedly possesses on third of the globe's healthy salt marsh, creating a vast amount of deep and wide open space. This spaciousness holds a tremendous allure and mystery for me. 
After many years of finding landscapes difficult to paint, I finally felt these distant simple shapes could make well designed composition, and this is one of a 12-year long series. Rather than just documenting the landscapes as they are, my paintings are meant to portray a mood. Therefore I use a somewhat monochromatic color scheme with muted earth colors and purposefully keep the values close in range so as to not distract from the mood. 

Aside from the poetic beauty of the land, these marshes have their own spirit and vitality. There are incessant changes with the ebb and flow of the tide, the ever changing light with the time of day, atmospheric conditions, and the seasons. The salty smell, the tingle of balmy breezes, the squawking of sea gulls, the violent and fast lived thunder storms all excite and seduce me. I feel such a strong connection to this mystical land, and this connection is what I hope to share through my paintings. 

David Ridgway 

David Ridgway currently paints small to medium scale oils. He paints on site and in studio. Many of his paintings continue to investigate the relationship between man and the rural and sub-rural landscape. Western architecture (gable ended), man made and marine elements are prominent. He currently resides on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State.  
Joan Johnson 

Joan was born and raised in northeren California. She received her early art training from the University of California at Berkeley. Following a desire to become a realist painter, she studied for 5 years at the Schuler School of Art in Baltimore, Maryland where she learned the painting techniques of the Old Masters. She finds inspiration from the movement of light across forms and the details that are revealed. Her compsitions are carfully studied arrangements of objects that evoke for her a pleasing combination of form and value. The objects always have a personal connection, and she grows most of the flowers she uses. She is currently represented by the Foxhill Gallery in Washington, D.C., and Gallery RoCa in Havre de Grace, Md. Her work can be viewed on her website.
Sue Scarborough

Susana Scarborough has always loved the land and the outdoors. Her paintings reflect her love of nature and animals. Born and raised close to the farm country of Englands's Yorkshire Dales, Scarborough is now a resident of Oakland, California. She is equally at home painting Yorkshire sheep or Bay Area scenes, including the Holstein cattle of Marin County and the Black Angus that graze the slopes of Mount Diablo.
Scarborough says,"I enjoy experiencing the warmth or the coolness of the California landscape. There is a sense of the heat of the dry grassy hillsides and coolness of the bay waters." Her art invites the viewer to share her vision the landscape and the animals as not just patterns of light and color but also the emotion and memory; capturing the essence of the subject matter. She says,"It is exciting and fascinating. I try to capture all of this in my paintings." 

Elizabeth Sandia

Originally from New York City, Elizabeth has background in magazine Illustration, art direction and residential architectural design. In Sept '95 she gave up her design practice in Key West, move to Santa Fe, NM, and learned to paint. In the spring of '97 she was accepted into Gallery A in Taos. 

Elizabeth paints primarily in pastel, combining plein air work, photographs and sketches. Her early conservative training has evolved to more interpretive, expressive work in the last 2 years. 

She is represented by The Basalt Gallery, Basalt, Co; Earnest Fuller Fine Art, Henderson, Co; Big Horn Galleries, Cody, Wy; and Brandon Michael Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM. 

She participates in fund-raising invitationals & donates paintings regularly to worthy causes. Her work has been featured in 2 dozen art magazines like Southwest Art, American Artist, International Artist Mag., and has been on 4 covers. email [email protected] 

Jill Soukup 

Jill Soukup, A Colorado native,graduated from Colorado State University in 1991 with a Bachelor of Fine Art. She initially pursued a career in graphic design. In 2002 she made the switch to painting full-time. Since then, her work continues to gain recognition as she receives awards, appears in national publications, and shows in important juried and one-woman exhibitions.
From the dishes in my sink to a bustling city scene, I find inspiration everywhere: in the interplay of shapes, values, edges, textures, and colors. Intuition and a sense of composition bring these elements together.

Thematically, I find myself returning again and again to the juxtaposition between rigid, mechanical, man-made objects and the fluid, organic aspects of nature-discovering that despite their contrasts, they share and exchange the same tendencies. 

Cami Thompson 

My art career has been a long and varied journey spanning many years. The common thread that travels like a path throughout has been a true love of painting and drawing. The natural world has been my focus since 1968 when I realized that it is always changing and shifting, so therefore would be a constant source of inspiration to me. 

My paintings are done using oils...purecolors in the best oil paints are hand mixed each session with linseed oil resulting in vibrant color combinations. One of my main life studies has been color. Movement, composition, depth and last but not least color make a painting come alive. Using linseed oil with thin transparencies of color takes a lot of patience. Each flower has approximately 12 to15 layers of pure color. Reds are especially challenging.

During the summer I look,weed,photograph and do many small paintings. In winter I paint prodigiously...not two seasons are alike, no two flowers are alike, no two paintings are alike. Hopefull my love for nature as well as art shines through. I feel these paintings come from the depths of my soul. 

Michelle Torrez 

In my paintings, I am trying to communicate the feeling of a place. Everywhere I look, I see flashes of color. The flashes of color come through me to represent the culture, the environment, the personality of that person and surroundings. 

I want to capture life and movement because life is movement and movement is life. My paint dances across the canvas, because I hope to express the sanctity of life with a powerful figure on my canvas.

Fred Wackerle

Fred Wackerle enjoys both plein air and studio painting in oils and is an Artist Member of the Tuscon Plein Air Painter's Society, The Palette & Chisel Academy of Chicago, and Chicago Plein Air Painters. His paintings Piacho Shadows and Schroeder House Shadows received honorable mentions, and his first one-man show was held at Metal Works Gallery in Chicago. In August 2007, Fred had three of his large Abstract Clouds series paintings in a juried exhibition in Chelsea, New York. Fred is currently represented by Jane Hamilton Fine Arts, Tucson, and Rogoway Gallery, Tubac, AZ. . His paintings reflect an avid interest in the impressionistic shapes and shadows in outdoors. 

Wanda Westberg 

Wanda Westberg, a Berkley artist , has established a reputation as one of the Bay Area's fine traditional plein-air landscape painters. Growing up in the Midwest with its unpredictable weather and changeable seasons, she is content to paint out doors, continuing in the tradition of the early California impressionists, Bringing her oil paints and canvas out where the fresh air carries the sound and secnts of a rural scene, the clouds shift in color and shape and the hills are still scattered with native oaks, she captures the fleeting mood of color and light of familiar northern California. I addition to landscape painting, she enjoys painting still-life, florals, the figure and is known for her amimal portraits. Wanda is represented by the William Lester Gallery in Marin. Christpher Queen Gallery in Duncas Mills and The Banana Gallery in Hawaii.
Romona Youngquist 

Romona Youngquist was born on January 11, 1960 in Yuba City, California, but grew up in Eastern Oklahoma. Youngquist essentially started out in life as a child of nature, spending her time exploring the woods with her dog and collecting critters. While exploring, she also studied the design and color of nature. She recalls many times standing in a field just staring in fascination at the values of the deciduous trees against a dark Oklahoma sky before a storm then rushing home to draw what she had seen. 

Technically self-taught, she thinks of nature as her real teacher. In 1994 she was awarded a grant from the Alaska State Council for the Arts to study with Oregon landscape painter Michael Gibbons. In the late 1990's she studied with Michael Workman, a leading Landscape painter from Utah. She has taken their valuable lessons and strengthened her own individual style. Romona also admires the work of Russell Chatham, Emil Carlson and Wolfe Kahn, especially for their commitment to the beauty of simplicity and atmosphere. Her admiration of these painters has translated to numerous exhibitions and honors, awards and merits throughout the United States. 

Her lifestyle hasn't changed much since early childhood. She lives on a little farm with her family in the middle of Oregon wine country. She still hangs out in the woods with the dogs and her own kids and still collects a wide range of critters. When she isn't painting outside, she paints in her studio, in order to keep an eye on her kids and pets, while listening to her favorite Bach, Handel and Mozart. 

Donna Young 

Donna Young is recognized as one of America's accomplished oil painting artists. Her ability to capture emotion and mood through color is her most recognized talent. The passion and artistic aptitude that drives Donna is embodied in every piece of artwork she paints. Through her dedication to painting, her visions of nature has resulted in having exhibitions in major corporate venues as well as having earned a strong following among private collectors and celebrities throughout the United States. The spontaneous and vibrant colors of her medium result in pieces that are rich in energy, and almost as timeless as nature itself. Each finished piece is alluring, vibrant and sustaining.
"It is my intention to create paintings that will fascinate, uplift, and heighten the senses. I enjoy presenting my subjects in unusual perspectives, encouraging viewers to put aside habits of perception and to look at the world with new eyes. As an artist, I feel compelled to paint spirit, mood and emotion, creating an alluring, vibrant and sustaining visual impression.

I construct my landscapes through bold brushstrokes with rhythm and quiet solitude, creating a sanctuary for the viewer. My figure work is a synthesis of all contemporary women, depicting courage, inspiration and peace in our modern world." 

Young currently resides in the Pacific Northwest where the quiet peace of the mountains, fields and rivers that coalesce into an atmosphere unique to the area. 

Karen G. Myers

 I was born in Denver, Colorado. Horses were my passion growing up and I was either barrel racing in rodeos or riding for hours on my own through the mountains of Colorado.  My art career began with costume design and then in the 1980s after moving to Alaska for ten years I started a graphic design business. In 1990 I moved back to Denver and shortly thereafter began painting full time.  

I have never been completely comfortable within confines of a particular style category for my painting. I believe the subject matter dictates and guides me as the artist. I am a realist, but my paintings range from contemporary realism to the abstract. Each painting evolves though the interaction of the subject matter and my materials.  I am fascinated with light and the effect it has on the mood of a painting.  I spend days thinking and planning out the concept of the painting, not the actual drawing of the work, but the overall concept that I would like to convey. Through light, whether it be shadows, or weather, or subtle color change, I begin to create a work of art that has a tone to it.  Each color and brush stroke put down leading to the next.  I paint many layers, letting each dry in between. I am guided by the textures that arise; the interplay of colors laid on top of each other, and the random shapes that take on a life of their own without actually losing the original subject matter.  I strive to create a work that from a distance allows the viewer to easily recognized the subject matter. Then from close up, I believe that subject should dissolve into interactive textures, colors and shapes.

Richard Lindenberg

Richard is an award winning Northern California landscape artist, painting with oils, primarily en Plein Air. The discovery and joy of painting came to him quite late in his life path, but not unexpectedly.  Landscape photography was his chosen creative medium for thirty years.  Large, medium and small format cameras... using primarily black and white images and the magic of polaroid transfers on watercolor paper. After taking a painting class in soft Pastels to enhance his Polaroid transfers¦ He dedicated himself to the possibilities that painting presented.  Most of Richard’s career was spent as an entrepreneur, importer and graphic designer. He became more heavily involved in the art industry as the product manager for an exclusive importer of French fine art materials where his eyes were opened to the unique history of the impressionist era and to art materials in general. He is a committed plein air painter and has studied with many of California€™s finest professionals.

Richard is regularly invited to many plein-air events and participates in annual Northern California shows that raise funds for numerous causes.  He is one of the MALT (Marin Agricultural Land Trust) painters and other shows include MarinScapes, Napa Valley Art Festival, the San Luis Obispo Plein Air Festival and the Door County Plein Air Festival. Richard represents Plein Air Magazine, is an artist member of the California Art Club and Co-Chairman of the CAC Northern California Chapter.

Janice Warriner

Janice says of her unique style, “My inspiration is the elegance found in the ordinary. Beauty is everywhere one might hope to find it. And all is inspiration to the heart of the artist"

 That style was developed under the guidance of excellent instructors and mentors, both in Canada and the United States. Janice borrows techniques from the Impressionist and Expressionist movements, while infusing the flavor of her own distinctive style. She strives to maintain a spontaneous quality in her work; her vibrant palette and loose brush work blend almost effortlessly. Janice is fascinated by the effect of light on form, loving the challenge of capturing images plein air, but also enjoys working in her studio from photographs. She is always experimenting with new techniques, keeping a fresh feeling to her paintings.

The quality of Janice'™s work is well recognized. Among the accolades she has received, Janice placed first, second, and grand champion in the Glenwood Springs Art Show held in Colorado in 2008.  Her paintings have been sold and collected world-wide.  She is currently pursuing a Bachelor Of Fine Art at  RMCAD in Denver, Colorado

Scott Mattlin

Scott is an artist with a deep and passionate appreciation for beauty in the natural world and within the human spirit. This enthusiastic and sensitive joy is reflected strongly in his artwork. His work is executed in a vibrant, impressionistic style, which - while still retaining its representational roots, incorporates abstract elements, resulting in a uniquely contemporary union. 

Scott€™s work has appeared in  numerous feature articles in magazines such as Southwest Art, Lattitudes Magazine, Western Art and Architecture, American Art Collector, and others. He has appeared in a wide variety of art and instructional publications. As a member of the Oil Painters of America, he has been juried into regional and national OPA events, as well as the prestigious Colorado Governor€™s Invitational Art Show, as well as a wide range of juried national exhibitions.   As a veteran art instructor, he has taught master watercolor workshops nationwide at the invitation of the Grumbacher Company, as well as appearing as a keynote speaker at their national conferences.

Scott is currently living in Denver, Colorado, where he maintains his new studio.

Ning Mercer

I see beauty in people I have met, in places I have been to, and in life in general.  I try to use my brushes to express these feelings, hoping that other people can share them with me.

She has won numerous awards.

She is represented by: Gallery Diamante of Carmel

Deb Kaylor believes that doing art is in her DNA. I do art because I HAVE to.

My first foray into art began when I was about 10 years of age and did €œcow portraits€ while spending summers on my grandparent€™s farm. I lured the cows by offering them hay and then with pad and pencil in hand, captured their likenesses. 

I truly believe that I have always looked at the world a little differently. I €œpaint€ wherever I am whether I have my tools in hand, or not. In my mind€™s eye, I paint a wet street with intense streaks of color as I drive on a rainy night. When standing in a crowd or waiting in line at a grocery store, I €œcrop€ a picture of children being children. And I enjoy the gift I have been given of being able to interpret what I see and sharing it so others can enjoy it too! 

The desire to create fine art has always been there, but it has only been in the last several years that I have been able devote time to honing my talent and skills in drawing and painting in both oils and pastels. I continue to take classes primarily through the Art Students League of Denver and consider myself extremely fortunate to have had some wonderful teachers, who in addition to teaching, have also encouraged and mentored. Teachers like Terry Ludwig, Tony Ortega, Doug Dawson, Joanne Burney and Ken Valastro have been instrumental in helping me grow as an artist.
 Penny Stewart loves cheese and chocolate. And she loves to paint even more. Yes, she's won awards and her work has been featured in books and magazines including Art of the American West, Landscapes in Watercolor, and Southwest Art. And yes, she's a recognized member of the professional artists' community. Penny's an elected Signature Member of both the American Watercolor Society and the National Watercolor Society, and she was recently elected Associate Member of the Oil Painters of America. Penny paid her dues in the classroom as well. She was a high school art teacher for 25 years. She has her B.A. in Studio Art and her Master of Arts in Teaching from Colorado College.
 Kyle  Keith

An award winning artist with a wide ranging career, Kyle Keith's works in figure, landscape, and portraits have been exhibited throughout the United States, including shows in New York and Chicago. His Portraits are held in important private and public collections; in addition to gracing numerous family homes, he has completed works for The United States Court of International Trade, The United States Federal Court for the Eastern District of New York, The Memphis University School, The Players Club in New York City, High Point University School of Business and many other institutions, hospitals and corporations.  

  Kyle Keith's love of painting began in the fields and back roads of Ohio under the instruction of the regionalist watercolor artist, Leland McLelland. Intent on pursuing art as a career, Kyle attended Columbus College of Art and Design and later studied with painter and teacher Andrew Reiss in Brooklyn, NY . It was in New York that Kyle returned to the academic, and in 2001, he graduated with an M.F.A. from the New York Academy of Art. As well as the New York Academy, Kyle has had the privilege of knowing and studying with Everett Raymond Kinstler 

  While currently focusing his artistic energies on commissioned portraits, Kyle Keith also invest in the artist of tomorrow by teaching painting and drawing at the University of North Florida. Kyle currently resides in Jacksonville, Fl with his wife and their four children.
                    "They Look A Hundred Years Old!"

                               Our motto was first uttered by an artist several 
                                years ago and we strive to live up to it.          
Mary Aslin 

A still life and figurative painter in pastel and oil, Mary was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was inspired by her artist uncle, received her first painting lessons from her grandmother. She received  a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Washington in Seattle.

​She has received numerous awards for her paintings, is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America and the Northwest Pastel Society and a Master's Circle member of the International Association of Pastel Societies

​Mary's creative process, most often with the medium of soft pastel, is firmly rooted in sound design, with light and beauty as orchestrators. Her excitement grows as she "sculpts" and "pulls" the painting to life, her goal to create art that goes beyond the 'sum of its parts', where the final paint strokes are truly exclamation points—grateful applause—for the beauty before her.

Light gracing any subject and telling a story of beauty is the source of inspiration for Mary Aslin's award-winning still life and figurative paintings, found in collections worldwide. Classical training by renowned artists and painting directly from life have shaped her vision. Her collectors have summarized the experience that many have viewing her art: "Light, so much light...and drama with tranquility".
"Blush and Happenstance"
Jerry Markham

Jerry enjoys painting a variety of subject matter including landscapes, figures, urban scenes, and anything that captures his interest. Painting for him is not so much about the subject as what draws and inspires him to paint each piece and how it is expressed.

“Jerry paints wonderful traditional landscapes, contemporary urban scenes, and near-abstract work, and his vibrant palette is reminiscent of Carl Rungius’ plein-air paintings. Very few artists have that kind of depth in their portfolio,” says Greg Fulton, owner of Astoria Fine Art in Jackson, Wyoming who represents Jerry’s work.
Always the consummate student, he continually strives to evolve and grow as a painter, often tackling subject matter that challenges him, whether by pushing the composition, altering light or color, or experimenting with how the paint is applied.

“I want to capture the essence of a subject more than the specifics. If the work is loose and a bit undone, there is more room for the viewer to interpret, to access the painting through their own imaginings.”

Markham, age 37, has been painting full-time for over 12 years. He currently lives in the Okanagan valley of British Columbia with his wife Leah.

Alex Zonis tells us: I paint details. Oh I paint objects and ideas and narratives, but underneath it all – it is all about details and how they relate to each other. I find details fascinating, I look for them everywhere, I am in love with them, so I paint them.

I like series, so I paint in series. They are like long books that are too good to allow to end. My two more developed series are Memory Blocks and Crinkled Paper. Memory Blocks builds on exploring and relating to individual’s history, and Crinkled Paper is an exercise in meditation. It is fascinating to me that my viewers are interested in things that are so internal to me.

I started drawing in 2009 and painting shortly after that – a late comer. I have studied with three great artists. Kaye Buchman taught me to paint, to literally hold a brush, and discovered my style for me – I had no idea. George Sotos taught me how to see. Ed Hinkley was a pivotal point in my studies, he mentioned in passing about putting a right color into a right shape… – I have become a painter when I got that. But mostly I studied by obsessing over works of Caravaggio, Van Eyck, Rembrandt, Sargent, and Russian Peredvizhniks and trying to figure out how did they create their images.

When I am not painting, I am sketching. I am an Urban Sketcher and a founder of the Chicago chapter of Urban Sketchers. When I am not painting or sketching, I teach painting. So I am busy!
"Group Portrait"
 This painting won 3rd Place medal and People’s Choice medal at Palette&Chisel Academy Gold Medal show.
Mary Lou Pape

A passion for nature has made wildlife and animals the primary focus of my work. Growing up in Topeka, Kansas, horses were the favorite subjects of my childhood drawings. Living in Colorado for the past 30 years, I am in awe of the Rocky Mountains and it’s wildlife.

The beauty and diversity of nature and travels to the many National Parks and nature preserves in America continually provide me with inspiration for my paintings of the wildlife and landscapes in our remarkable country. I am drawn to intimate views of animals and their surroundings and particularly love to portray the way light enriches the drama of a painting.

I have studied with many of the top animal artists working today, including Greg Beecham, John Seery-Lester, Terry Isaac, Robert Shufelt, Luke Frazier, Carl Brenders, Jay Moore, Kay Witherspoon and others. I attended Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas as a Fine Art major.

My primary mediums are oil, pastel and pencil. I live in Monument, Colorado with my husband Larry.
Marsha Whitesides Piper 

The oil paintings of Marsha Whitesides Piper evoke a feeling of the classical elegance and craft reminiscent of the 17th century. Deeply rooted in the Old Masters realist tradition, her modern sense of design conveys her passion for light, making known color and form that emerges from the mysterious translucence of shadow.
Using the concept of chiaroscuro, the high contrast of light against dark that is the hallmark of the Old Masters tradition, Marsha begins with an umber imprimatura and skillfully builds to the dramatic pinnacle of the highlight.

Her instinct for the power of serene beauty awakens in the viewer a hopefulness that life really is good. Born into an Air Force family in 1947, Marsha was afforded the opportunity to travel widely in both the US and Europe. Her creativity and artistic eye emerged early, and with high expectation she looked forward to beginning her
formal studies in the 1960’s, and was quickly disappointed with art instruction only concerned with ‘expressing yourself’ in modern art movements of the time. She wanted the ‘meat and potatoes’ kind of knowledge of what the Old Masters knew.

Artwork shown in the custom floater

Karen Lisk

I set out to produce plein air artwork that conveys the natural side of Florida, exspresedly in values and hues. The painted subject is selected and connected with my own visual and other sensory standards of these subtropics. The life force I push my classic oil palette into with a willing challenge, applies my passion for color into an almost meditative introspection, I shape a two dimensional surface into what I call a painted text of Florida. Gestural simplification and the essence of the sights of a Florida landscape scene are depictions of simply 'art for art's sake...

ARTIST'S MEDIUMS: Oils, Watercolors
LOCATION: Hollywood, Florida
INFLUENCES: The Florida Highwaymen, Kate Starling, John Beerman

To see a larger picture click on the picture
The Empty Picnic Table
Shown in profile 663 in finish Brown over Red with Gold bead.