"They Look A Hundred Years Old!"

                               Our motto was first uttered by an artist several 
                                years ago and we strive to live up to it.          
We have over 28 profiles in our standard or basic closed corner frame array.   On this page, frame corners are arranged according to profile witdths; 1.5 In, 2 In, 2.5 In, 3 In, 3.5 In, and 4 In.  At the bottom of each size are some sample suggested prices to give you an idea of frame costs.   (Of course, we make any size frame.)  See our Combinations Page to get examples of combinations of our profiles.  Or add ornaments to the corners to give  more elligence to your frame.  See our Ornament Page for some ideas.  All of our frame profiles come from ideas we get from our customers, so we are open to your suggestions for new profiles.
Profile 813
$32.00 per ft
 Stretcher Bar.  2.5 inches wide.  We also offer a 1 1/2 inch stretcher bar recommended for smaller paiantings. Call for prices
Buildup:  Buildups come in 1, 1 1/2 and 2 inches wide.  Buildups are added to make frames deeper.
Profile 6
$19.00 per ft.
Profile 82
$25.00 per ft.
Profile 143
$25.00 per ft
Profile 702
$35.00 per ft.
Profile 711 cap
$25.00 per ft.
Profile 8
$24.00 per ft.
Profile 182
$27.00 per ft
Profile 282
$27.00 per ft
Profile 10
$25.50 per ft.
Profile 181
$28.00 per ft.
Profile 711 lnr
$28.50 per ft.
Profile 811
$29.00 per ft.
Profile 381
$32.00 per ft.
Profile 123
$38.00 per ft.
Profile 124
$38.00 per ft.
Profile 711sm
$40.00 per ft.
Profile 736
$41.00 per ft.
Profile 472
$45.00 per ft.
Profile 481
$45.00 per ft.
Profile 815
$45.00 per ft.
Profile 137
$44.00 per ft
Profile 663
$43.00 per ft
Profile 711LG
$43.00 per ft.
Profile 812
$36.00 per ft.
Profile 425
$42.00 per ft
Profiles 900 and 901  Floaters.  $25.00per ft. including fittings.
Profile 172
$32.00 per ft.
Click on image to get detailed view.
Click on image to get detailed view.
Click on image to get detailed view.
Click on image to get detailed view.
Click on image to get detailed view.
Click on image to get detailed view.
Click on image to get detailed view.
Joann - 

The frame is beautiful and enhances the artwork enormously!  As always, I enjoy working with you and crew, and your frames are just gorgeous.  Thank you for the prompt (rushed??) services.  My apologies,.  As always I try to have more time for the frame building, but sometimes it is out of my control.  

Pam Enticknap
Profile 12
$30.00 per ft.
Profile 120
$34.00 per ft.
We call our ornamented frames, Fancy Frames.  Many of our Standard Frame profiles can become Fancy Frames by adding carved corner ornaments.  We placed those ornamented frames that feature carved corners on this page.  Ornaments that are not carved into the molding profile are featured on our ornaments page.   Fancy frames are especially suitable for Mirror Frames (we have made mirror frames as large as 13 inches.)  Fancy frames are also especially suited to frame portraits and formal still lifes.
Carved corner 840 shown on profile 182
Carved Corner 839 shown on profile 182 
Profile 204LG 

Carved corner 545 shown on profile 182 ext.
Carved corner 464 shown on profile 172  
Carved corner 464 shown on profile 711SM The 151 bead (inside) 
Carved corner 464 shown on profile 711SM 
lOrnament  380 the corner and 438 (Rosebud) ornament on bead shown on Profile 711SM
Ornament 523 shown on Profile 137
Profile 764t.
Corner ornament 559 with ornament 649 shown on 
Profile 711LG 
Ornament 523 shown on combination Profiles 700 cap with 381
Carved corner 846 shown on Profile 472
Click on image to get detailed view.
We have a large array of ornaments we can put on our closed corner frames.  Ornaments are applied in the early stages of frame construction so they can be blended into the profile. (You will never see a hard edge on an ornament on a our frames.)  Some ornaments are applied along with hand carving.  These carved corner ornaments can be found on our Fancy Frame page.
Ornament 276
Width4" Length 6"
$88.00 per frame
Ornament 275
Width 3.75" Length 6.25"
$88.00 per frame
Ornament 559
Width 2.5" Length 3.5"
$64.00 per frame
Ornament 380
Width 2.0" Length 5.0"
$88.00 per frame
Ornament 358
Width 3.0" Length 6.25"
$88.00 per frame
Ornament 798
Width 1.625"  Length 4.75"
$88.00 per frame
Ornament 220
Width 3" Length 5"
$88.00 per frame
Ornament 560
Width 1.75"  Length 3.5"
$68.00 per frame
Ornament 516
Width 2.0" Length 3.0"
$64.00 per frame
Ornament 557
Width 1.5" Length 3.0"
$64.00 per frame
Ornament 387
Width 1.75" Length 3.0"
$56.00 per frame.
Ornament 538
Width 1.75" Length 2"
$64.00 per frame
Ornament 624
Width 1" Length 3"
$64.00 per frame
Ornament 608
Width 1.25" Length 1.5"
$64.00 per frame
Ornament 623
Width 1.25" Length 3"
$64.00 per frame
Ornament 758
Width 1.25" Length 3.25"
$64.00 per frame
Click on image to get detailed view.
Do you need a frame that is larger than one of our standard frames or has more detail?  We can simply combine two or more of our Standard profiles to create a new, unique frame.  Below are a few examples of these combinations, but use your own imagination.  We can combine virtually any of our Standard profiles.  When you are done, you will probably wish to add a buildup to extend the combination to the wall and you may wish to add ornaments to the corners.  
381 with a 51 cap and 840 carved corner additional $158.00 per frame
381 with a 700 cap and ornament 523 additional  $18.00 per ft.
663 with 510 cap and 1 inch buildup
663 with 182 cap and 545 Carved corner ornament additional $158.00 per frame.
137 with 711 SM cap and 2 inch buildup  and 
Ornament 380 additional $88.00 per frame
663 with 282 cap 1 inch buildup and 358 ornament additional $88.00 per frame
Click on image to get detailed view.
As a manufacturer of the highest quality picture frames for artists and art galleries, we finish every frame in one of our unique finishes.  In addition, we are always open for suggestions on new finishes. Please note that one monitor may see the finishes differently from another monitor.
                                                               STANDARD FINISHES

STANDARD GOLD Medium gold color leaf 


PALE GOLD:  Gold color leaf a lighter tone (Close to 16K gold) finish.


OLD GOLD Aged gold color leaf with bunt umber browning. 


CHAMPAIGN:  Silver color leaf warmed to a Champaign color.


FRENCH SILVER-13:  Silver color leaf simulated 13K gold look. 


FRENCH -16 Silver color rub simulated 16K gold look. 


PEWTER:  Warm silver color leaf – dark washed to pewter. 


STAIN:  Raw wood frame is specially prepared to accept stain finish.  Several stains are available.

Black finish over red,orange,blue,green or plum is distressed so the under-color shows through. 

Brown finish over redorange,blue,green or plum is distressed so the under-color shows through.

 It is customary to place gold color leaf or silver color leaf on the bead of the frame (raised or beveled area closest to the image opening,)  The leaf is then distressed and aged.

                                                  SPECIAL FINISHES (Additional Cost)

SG-22:  Simulated 22K gold 

OG-22: Simulated 22K aged gold with burnt umber browning

PG-22: Simulated 22K gold – lighter with brown wash.

                                                 OTHER SPECIAL FINISH OPTIONS

In addition to the above finishes, we offer a number of boles or finishes of the frame directly below the leaf.  Our standard bole is red, but we also offer black, green, yellow and blue boles.  Because of the naturally occurring leaf crack, the different color boles show through, giving a unique, different character to the final finish.

Profiles listed below are 1.5"
Profiles listed below are 2.0"
Profiles listed below are 2.5"
Profiles listed below are 3.0"
Profiles  listed below are 3.5"
Profiles listed below are 4.0"

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Profile 481 with 51 and 1" buildup and carved corner 846
​Profile 510
$45.00 per ft.