Glaser frames
Have you ever wondered how we make your frames?  Well, here is a photo tour of our shop.
This is what you see when you arrive at the front of our shop.
Ken is ready to take your order or answer any question you may have..
Every frame is checked for size numerous times through the process.
lPaperwork for your order is checked.
Seams are carefully puttied to create the closed corner effect.
Careful preparation of a frame for shipping.  It is extremely important that your frame reaches you or your gallery without damage.  The frame shown in this and following photos is different than the one above but is about the same size. The process of packing and shipping is the same.
The large frame to the left is now ready for the second level.
In this shipment, the artwork was shipped along with the frame. It is carefully prepared to protect it in transit.
Artwork is handled very carefully.  Nothing can touch the face of the piece.  Several Denver area artists use Glaser Frames shipping department to ship their artwork.t.
The box is getting ready for its final wrap.  It takes coordination to get everything just right.
iOur spray booth can accommodate some very large frames.  This frame is 8 ft. by 4 ft. in size.  Follow this frame through the process from completion of finish through packing and shipping.  
CJoann is preparing this large frame for leafing.
lThat big frame has arrived back in the shipping department.  Every frame is carefully handled to prevent damage.
iCare is taken not to damage the finish while the frame is prepared for shipping. Notice the French Cleat that is attached to the inside edge of the frame (the left side in this picture.)  French cleats are the preferred method of hanging large, heavy pieces of artwork.
Pieces of styrofoam are secured so the box is resistant to  caving-in. Notice the French cleat that is secured to the heavy cardboard pallet. This cleat will be fastened to the wall to hang the large framed mirror.
Mike is applying the last strips of packing tape to the boxed frame.  The only things remaining are the Fragile stickers and the shipping documents.  This box went cross country and arrived safely - thanks to our packaging methods.

Frame is perfect. Orange bole is right. And I do like your way of packing frames for safe shipping. The material (styrofoam) doesn't get all over.

Elizabeth (Elizabeth Sandia)
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